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Hi. I’m Dylan. (They/Them).

Currently, I’m a Postdcoctoral Fellow at McGill University.

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Academic History

What has my schooling looked like so far?


University of Waterloo

· (Ontario, Generally - COVID-19 and all)

Doctor of Philosophy (Statistics)

I am currently working on my PhD, under the joint supervision of Michael Wallace and Grace Yi. My research revolves around measurement error, causal inference, and the interface of these subjects.

Jun 2018
Jun 2018

University of Waterloo

· Waterloo

Masters of Mathematics (Statistics)

I completed my Masters degree, under the supervision of Michael Wallace, in (Bio)Statistics. My Masters work was titled ‘Measurement error and personalized medicine: error-prone tailoring covariates in dynamic treatment regimes.’

Sep 2017
Jun 2017

Queen’s University

· Kingston

Bachelors of Commerce (Finance)

I did (three years) of my undergraduate at Queen’s University, Kingston, where I studied Finance and Mathematics. [My first year was at the University of Waterloo/Wilfrid Laurier University, in the BMath/BBA Double Degree Program.]

Sep 2014

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